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Our process.

Our process utilizes a unique combination of Design Thinking, Agile, and Waterfall design & development methodologies. This allows us to work quickly, provide rapid iteration testing, and execute multiple creative concepts, all with a clear shared vision.


01. Kickoff Meeting

We define project and organizational goals, and create a plan for collaboration and communication.

02. Proposal

We create a mutually agreeable proposal where we lay out value proposition, expectations for both parties, and the total financial commitment.

03. Team Gathering

We build the best team for the project and define our work schedule and timeline.

04. Strategy Workshop

We brainstorm the best design solution for the problem. We speak to stakeholders and present concepts in an interactive, collaborative workshop.


05. Research & Competition Analysis

First- and third-party research is conducted and presented in a comprehensive report.

06. Concept Design

The design process begins with sketches and workshopped ideas. Results are presented in the form of stylistic moodboards. 

07. Key Element Design

We develop naming system, logo, and key visual elements necessary to create a fully-formed brand. 

08. Design Presentation

In-person or online presentation sharing initial designs and gathering stakeholder feedback.


09. Technical Audit & IA

First- and third-party research is conducted and presented in a comprehensive report.

10. Wireframing

We develop accurate wireframes that describe the layout of the content and technical functionality of the product.

11. Design Implementation

Applying existing moodboards and designed key elements to approved wireframes in a static format.

12. Development

We use the latest technologies to develop a functioning digital prototype of the product.


13. Constant Communication

We support our clients at every stage of the process to gather feedback and ensure our original goals are being met.

14. Continued Design

We design the secondary and tertiary elements that comprise the entirety of the brand.

15. Continued Development

Development continues as we implement additional content and features. 


Testing & Rollout

16. Beta Testing

We conduct an extensive, iterative beta testing process with your stakeholders and our internal QA team to ensure your product or brand is performing as expected.

17. Final Presentation

We carry out a final in-person or online presentation to hand over the fully-executed deliverables and provide next steps for ongoing support.

18. Project Launch

We work with your team to create a roadmap for the launch of your project. Strategic milestones are put into place to ensure a timely and successful launch.

19. Ongoing Support

We develop a plan for ongoing support in order to establish maximum brand cultivation and product conversion.